Regional NRM Prospectus

Welcome to the North Central Regional Partners Forum Prospectus. This document highlights the success our coordinated approach to natural resource management is having, and the Forum’s vision for even better results with help from new investment partners.

By coordinating our efforts, sharing knowledge, being open to all reasonable sources of funding, and helping each other with challenges and opportunities we have increased our impact and delivered projects with real benefits to water, land, biodiversity and communities.

This Prospectus also highlights 12 of our shared priorities which focus on healthy landscapes and resilient communities.

Our Forum has a diverse range of members from state Government agencies, water corporations, Traditional Owners, local government and the North Central Catchment Management Authority.

We look forward to working together with new partners to invest in our region.

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Acknowledgement of country
Strength through partnership
Case studies
Priority projects for investment

Download the PDF North Central Catchment Partners Forum Regional NRM Prospectus