Strategy review

The Catchment and Land Protection (CaLP) Act 1994 requires CMAs to prepare RCSs and undertake a mid-term review (after three years) and final review (after six years).

The objective for reviewing the RCS is to assess implementation progress including: achievements, learnings, constraints and adaptations and to identify areas for improvement. The CaLP Act does not specify how the review should be undertaken.

The North Central CMA’s MERI policy sets minimum standards for the organisation, with more detail provided in the MERI strategy and associated procedures. The CMA’s approach to mid-term and final review of strategies, including the RCS, is to prepare a performance report. The performance report is developed using a set of Key Evaluation Questions (KEQ) that address impact; appropriateness; effectiveness; efficiency and legacy. Through the review process, responses to each KEQ are developed drawing upon multiple lines of evidence, which are peer reviewed and workshopped with stakeholders.

The final review of the 2013-19 North Central RCS adopted this approach resulting in an evidence-based and robust KEQs that will help guide the review of this RCS. The KEQs explore:

  • strategic alignment and ownership
  • progress
  • information, adaptability, efficiency
  • engagement and sustainable outcomes.