Strength through partnership

The Catchment Partners Forum demonstrates how sharing knowledge and resources achieve better results for local landscapes and communities.

This graphic shows how the four key themes of our Regional Catchment Strategy link together. Well managed land and water resources enhance both the environment (biodiversity) and community.

Included in this Prospectus are three case studies, each one delivering measurable benefits to biodiversity, agricultural sustainability and resilient communities.

Catchment Partners Forum priorities. They range in both size and phase of development. Some are innovative pilot projects to test new concepts and efficiencies. Others are large-scale “shovel ready” proposals based on proven approaches which build on past successful investments.

Each project aligns with several UN Sustainable Development Goals, not only in environmental and economic sustainability, but also in Equality, Education and particularly in Partnerships to achieve our goals.

Each project has a lead organisation to maintain accountability, supported by a number of Partners Forum members.

The graphic pie chart shows how the four key themes of the Regional Catchment Strategy link together. Segment one is water: rivers wetlands, floodplains and groundwater. Segment two is land: groundcover, agricultural productivity and soils. Segment three is biodiversity: native vegetation, native species and ecosystems. Segment four is community: local communities and volunteers, Aboriginal Victorians and Traditional Owners, government agencies and not-for-profits.