Community policy context

Australian Governmentโ€™s National Landcare Program

The National Landcare Program is a key part of the Australian Government’s commitment to protect and conserve Australia’s water, soil, plants, animals and ecosystems, as well as support the productive and sustainable use of these valuable resources.

Victorians Volunteering for Nature โ€ Environmental Volunteering Plan

Victorians Volunteering for Nature โ€“ Environmental Volunteering Plan is a coordinated and revitalised approach to environmental volunteering that looks at how we can support and sustain the existing environmental volunteering sector, while encouraging more active involvement from Victorians by making the sector more relevant and accessible.

North Central Regional Landcare Support Plan

The North Central Regional Landcare Support Plan explains how the North Central CMA supports Landcare and community based NRM groups in the region โ€“ working together to protect and enhance our natural assets. A Landcare community that is active and engaged is critical for the successful implementation of the RCS.

Landcare Network and/or Conservation Management Network Strategic Plans and Landcare Group Action Plans

Each of the Landcare Networks in the north central region has a community developed strategic or activity plan which outlines the strategic direction and priority landscapes of focus for the Network/Group to guide actions in achieving the goals and purpose of the organisation.