Barapa Barapa and Wamba Wemba


Barapa Barapa and Wamba Wemba are two independent Nations with Traditional lands on both sides of the Murray River. When this RCS was being developed, there were several groups representing Barapa Barapa and Wamba Wemba Traditional Custodians, both separately and together.

To inform the RCS, we first approached the Barapa Barapa Wemba Wamba Native Title Working Group who advised us to engage the Barapa Barapa Wamba Wemba Water for Country Committee. The Committee includes both Barapa Barapa and Wamba Wemba Traditional Custodians who work in partnership on shared and contested ancestral lands. We have presented input from the Committee on this page, noting where it is specific to Barapa Barapa or Wamba Wemba. The Barapa Country Aboriginal Corporation, represent another group of Barapa Barapa Traditional Owners, who wanted to provide input to the RCS. The two contributions are presented separately under the tabs below.

As with other Traditional Owners of the region, we have sought to reflect Barapa Barapa and Wamba Wemba values and aspirations in this RCS, at a high level. For more specific information, RCS partners should engage directly with Barapa Barapa and/or Wamba Wemba. The input from all Traditional Owners has informed the development of priority directions and outcomes, as outlined on the Traditional Owners page.